About the "Inner Game Of Aging" Site

Hello! My Name is Lee Mowatt,

The Inner Game of Aging is my vehicle for learning how to live the most engaged, positive, and powerful life I can, and to share that with others.

At this writing, I am 66 years old and I am still building a life that moves closer and closer to my dreams. And I want you to do the same.

I am learning more about the true nature of my health and happiness. I am learning more about the relationships that support me in my life. I am learning more about who and what I am.

And what I am learning doesn’t just apply to me. Many people are already benefiting from this system of ideas, even if they don’t yet know it. And I would like you to be one of them.

At the heart of this system of ideas are TWO core principles

#1 - Growing OLDER vs. growing OLD
Growing Older:
Growing Older is about experiencing all the stages of human maturation between birth and death.

Growing Old:
Growing Old is a mental and spiritual decline that comes from within us.
Please Explain This...

Older vs. Old

#2 - The Philosophy of "BETTER"
Or perhaps this is better expressed as:

“The more you do what you cannot do, the better you can do what you cannot do, until you can no longer say you cannot do it.”

(Yeah, I failed English in grade school. Can’t you tell? ☺ )

This philosophy of "Better" takes some explanation. So I'll save that for another time.

The Purpose of this Site is to:

Help promote, model and empower "Successful" aging by learning practices that improve 3 key characteristics of our lives:

  • - Resistance  to Disease and disease-related disability
  • - High mental and physical function
  • - Active engagement with life

Help spread the message of "Grow OLDER, not OLD".

  • - You will see this phrase all throughout this site since it is one of the key distinctions needed that allows our thinking to head in new directions.

Stimulate awareness of those elements in and around us that encourage being OLD, while providing resources that assists in decisions related to getting or being OLDER.

The Inner Game of Aging is my vehicle to learn and share all I can about what aging successfully means and the many paths of employing our mind, body, and spirit in achieving that.

Strolling along a scenic road.

Why you Should Stick Around:

You will learn from our content
Feel free to listen to the podcasts, read the articles, or watch the videos. I’m sure there is SOMETHING in that content that could be of value to you. Whether you become more aware or sensitized to an issue you not have previously considered, or discover your own thoughts in an area you may not have previously explored, you will find something new  in this content  that will help you face a challenge related to your years. Free of charge. No strings attached.
We could learn from you
Whether you agree or (respectfully) disagree , I am always intrigued to see the mind of others on these topics. This is a tremendous source of learning for me. As I used to say to my wife, “You could help me to be MORE RIGHT than I already am.” So share your thinking and teach me.

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