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You may have noticed that our population is getting older. Within the next 20 years, we will see something human history has never seen before. By 2030, there will be more people over 60 years old than there are people age 20 and under. This will impact so much around us. There will be new options and avenues for health care and health maintenance. There will be new alternatives to when and how we retire from our first (or second) career. There will be innovative technological solutions that extend our connections, and keep us independent longer. Even the culture we live in, and the activities we engage in, will be significantly impacted by these demographic changes. Join me, Lee Mowatt, as I go on a journey of learning and discovery to see how the older generations will master themselves and their changing world. Join me on New Age Aging or visit us on our Facebook Page.

Curated Videos

These videos have been collected on this site because they are informative, inspiring, educational, or in some way support the message of Growing OLDER, not OLD. None of the videos in this section belong to Growth-works, Inner-Game-Of-Aging, or Lee Mowatt. Where possible, credit has been given to the original creator or publisher.

Selected Videos Featuring Lee (Insider's Club only)

Lee maintains a YouTube channel where he posts miscellaneous videos from time to time. The videos in this section are taken from that channel and are selected to expose more personal, but relevant, information about Lee and his work and connection with "The Inner Game Of Aging".