IGA008: The Inner World Of Lee – A Few Opinions, Ideas & Concepts


For this episode, Lee get a chance to express who he is, what he is about, and what drives him in meeting the challenges of the Inner Game Of Aging. Ed Lazzarri, the host of "Change you POV", explores Lee's philosophies and opinions on wellness and a balanced life. They talk about many topics that affect how we age in our culture and other aspects of our wellness. See below for details of the discussion content.

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You will hear Lee's thoughts and opinions on:

  • How his 2004 accident affected his life and outlook.
  • how we learn from our societal stereotypes for both good and bad,
  • the difference between getting older vs. getting old,
  • opinions about single-generational environments such as senior communities,
  • his critical concept of "Better" to always improve anything,
  • why he started the Inner Game Of Aging Podcast,
  • what success means to him at this point.



Change Your POV website


Change Your POV Podcast - Episode #091

63-year-old executes  a round-off back handspring

Oldest person to execute a round-off back handspring




Strength and control demonstration


Lee Upside-Down (2015):

** All videos and pictures by Renee Lau from 2013 to 2016


IGA001- Starting The Journey - An Overview of the Future

IGA001- Starting The Journey - An Overview of the Future

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  1. Thanks Lee for sharing our episode togeather with your listeners! it was a great discussion and I look forward to many more in the future! I would love to hear the thoughts of the other listeners of The Inner Game Of Aging Podcast! If you had a chance to listen to this show leave a comment below and let us know what you thought!

    Cheers – Eddie

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