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Introducing "New Age Aging"

NAA-E1: Assistive Technology- Supporting the older generations

This episode of New Age Aging features a closer look at how technological advances are being employed to assist the older generations.  Assistive Technology is an expanding field using technology to address the day-to-day living issues of older people. Guest Stacy Driscoll opens us to a world of possibilities in addressing challenges with hearing, vision, memory, mobility, and medication-compliance. Several products are demonstrated to help the viewer understand how such products could be used.

NAA-E2: Volunteerism and the older adult

This episode of New Age Aging explores what it means for older adults to volunteer their time and skills for the benefit of others, and/or to promote a passion or cause. The discussion and video clips uncover the benefits of volunteering, how to find a wide range of domestic volunteering opportunities, how to evaluate volunteering organizations, and suggests a few do’s and don’ts when getting involved with volunteering opportunities.

NAA-E3: Dating After 60

The Inner Game of Aging  is pleased to release the 3rd episode of New Age Aging. This episode gives a broad view of what dating for older people might be like and how to begin this journey in a manner that is likely to meet with success. The episode explores how much we understand ourselves and how much we know what we are looking for. It offers information and tips on successful flirting, an introduction ...
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NAA-E4-Medicare: All you really need to know

The Inner Game of Aging is pleased to release the 4th episode of New Age Aging covering the Medicare federal health insurance program. If you are within 2 years of medicare enrollment, you must not miss the information in this episode. The full show notes for this video can be accessed below. You will also find a full contents listing to help you quickly navigate through this video. Ted O’Connor, an authority on the subject, joins us to ...
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