The Aging Academy – Turning Adversity into Opportunity

This post explains why we are adopting a new name (The Aging Academy) and how that will improve your experience with this brand and its message of “Growing older without growing old”.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Inner Game of Aging is transforming permanently into The Aging Academy (TAA). Much will be changing, but also much will not change. This post sorts through these upcoming changes and explains how we will more strongly support the journey to mastering our aging process. This post will be updated regularly to reflect the actual outcomes, URL’s, and conventions that will be in effect during and after our transition.

Why the change?

There are there are several reasons for changing our name. In episode 32 I gave a short History on the “Inner Game of Aging” project, and how it was initially started under the name of Growth-Works. In that episode, I also mentioned that I was inspired by a fellow named Tim Gallwey, who wrote a very successful book in the 1990s called the "The Inner Game Of Tennis". In podcast episode 32, I explained that I had been inspired by his work and his ideas and had patterned my message on some of his Concepts. After all much of what we do depends on how we think of it or how we see it (which has become the basic tenet of many approaches and philosophies being born in current times).

Unfortunately, Mr. Tim Gallwey did not see things in exactly the same way I did. Upon learning of the “Inner Game Of Aging Podcast” he sent me a rather unpleasant and threatening cease-and-desist letter indicating legal action if I continued using “his property”. It turns out that he has trademarked the phrase "Inner Game" and is now going after all the entities on the web that may be infringing on this trademark. Apparently, My podcast was one of the first in his crosshairs. After several uncomfortable email exchanges that spanned almost 3 months in time, it became clear that the chance of any cooperative and/or collaborative conversation with Mr. Gallwey to resolve the matter would not be possible. (I'll leave out the details of that conclusion in order to preserve Mr. Gallwey's reputation.)

So, after bemoaning all the work that was needed in order to change the name of this brand, it was time to understand all the “opportunity” that was embedded in this “adversity”. I had already been thinking about The Aging Academy, ever since my podcast episode #32. Although my listeners didn’t hear much, the name grew on me and began to mean more and more. It seemed like a better carrier of the “Older Not Old” message than my previous moniker of “Inner Game of Aging”. I realized that, along with all of you, I too am discovering the challenges that face me as the years advance. And I want to share in the solutions and insights I find because I know I am not the only one who can benefit from them. This learning is part of what the message is about. And The Aging Academy name captured this more clearly than the previous.

But changing the name of an actively running brand, website, and podcast while staying true to the followers, visitors, and subscribers that have brought this message along thus far is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of details to take care of as we attempt to make this transition as seamless as possible This is also a huge learning curve for me and has delayed podcast episodes and newsletter releases. But I believe, in the end, it will have all been worth it, enabling us to give more value to those who we value – namely you.

The Website

Of course, this change forces a much-needed transformation of the IGA website. The new website for The Aging Academy will feature the podcasts, as well as blogs, guest posts, and other resources for you to consume on your journey of growing older without growing old. But, as of this writing, it has not gone live. So, for a short while, putting into your browser will bring you to the previous website for the Inner Game Of Aging. Of course, getting the new website in place is one of the highest priorities since it is the primary interface between you and this brand.

And if you are an Insider-Club member, you’ll be invited to give the first round of feedback before the official release of the site since it will most likely always be a work-in-progress and continually evolving. The Insider-Club newsletter will give subscribers information on how to access the new site even before it is released to the general public. So sign-up and stay in the know.


The Podcast

For those of you who already subscribe to this podcast (I’m assuming that includes most of you reading this), we are going to try to make this as seamless a process for you as possible. The name change should appear without you doing anything. So whereas before you were subscribing to and downloading the Inner game of Aging Podcast, that subscription should automatically switch to the new name without you doing anything. To do this, I have to learn how to tweak my podcast RSS feed and hope I don’t break it in the process.

But for those of you who come to the podcast through the website, you should be able to access all the episodes (including archives)  using either InnerGameOfAging.Com/Podcasts or Either URL should get you to the same great content. I will keep the InnerGameOfAging domain around for a while until I know that this transition has become stable and the new website is ready to carry The Aging Academy to the next level.

Of course, the opening and closing of each podcast episode will have to change to call out the new name and website. This time I’m trying out a female voice to introduce each episode. I’m thinking it is an improvement over the previous male voice, but you be the judge. Feel free to leave comments on the show notes pages about the new formats and changes.

Episode 38 will be the first podcast episode released with the new name and I am biting my nails trying to learn everything I need to know to transition everything over smoothly. (I don’t even know what that last sentence actually means as yet. But that is going to change real fast, real soon.)

Domain URL’s

There will be new URL patterns replacing the old patterns. For example, with the Inner game of Aging, you could always find the show-notes page for any particular episode using the URL pattern of<Episode#>. We will have similar URL patterns with our new moniker as well. For all updated URL’s, “iga” will be replaced with “taa”, and “” will eventually be replaced with “The”. (As mentioned above, for a short while, “The” and "" will point to the previous site until the new home page is minimally functional. And we are all anxious to see that happen.)

You will also be able to email me directly at


Opportunity Behind the Adversity

All the work undertaken to go from Inner Game Of Aging to the Aging Academy isn't just being done because of Mr. Gallwey's demands for me to leave his space. I truly believe that there is ALWAYS some good in anything we consider to be bad.

When I first realized that I would have to change the name of this brand, it didn't occur to me that doing so presented an opportunity to further refine and clarify the messages/concepts being offered by this brand. I truly wanted to learn, and then share all the information I was running across about how to embrace the aging process to maximize all the advantages that it offered and to minimize the very real challenges that most of us will inevitably face. I will be opening up and be sharing many of my thoughts on how life changes as we get older, and how to find the successful personal management that helps us to weather through these changes and still allows us to embrace our upcoming years with enthusiasm and creative intrigue.

Stay with us, as we continue to learn the many ways of getting older without ever getting old.


Historical Progress Timeline for The Aging Academy

9/17/201Acquired Domain for "The Aging Academy"Registered this domain URL with Google DomainsAfter introducing the name to my listeners in Podcast episode #32. I decided the name was too valuable to leave unclaimed.  However, the URL sat unattended for a few months until we were certain that the name of the brand would be changing
4/28/2018Aging Academy LogoThe handstand is preserved. It is our symbol for play. No one needs to be doing handstands to get the benefits of this brand
5/27/2018Name-Change Explainer Article writtenA brief explanation for the curious about the story behind the name change
6/22/2018iTunes RSS feed updatedNow shows TAA name and logo
7/20/2018Progress Timeline ListIncluded progress timeline list in the name-change articleNot yet sure if this will be permanent or not.
7/28/2018Episode #38 in post-productionRelease date not yet set
9/17/2018Episode 38 ReleasedBegin show-notes redesign for The Aging Academy.
upcomingWebsite: ShowNote: Email subscription for podcast listenersAllow visitors to receive the podcasts updates in their inbox.